Thank you for showing an interest in me and what I do.
The picture is of my late husband Butch and I taken several years before he passed away after a cancer journey spanning almost three years.
Butch’s passing inspired me to write my book ‘Cancer Journey Handbook for Travellers, Carers & Friends. I wanted to help Travellers embarking on a cancer journey, to tell them about some of the options available to them and empower them at a time when they can feel disempowered. I also wanted to help Carers to feel less isolated and more informed, so I included a section for them in my book.
Grieving was a terrifying expedition into the unknown for me, so, to help me work through and share some of my emotions and experiences, I included a final section on Grief as well.
I self-published my book in 2008.
I am currently finalising my e-book ‘Butch’s Journey’. Although writing this has been a healing process for me, I’m sure there are some people who may want to read firsthand about a cancer experience, complete with the laughter and tears.

My next book is called Grieving with Honour, which I hope to begin writing at the end of this year. It is a warts and all account of the last three years as I have attempted to come to terms with my loss. I hope to inspire and uplift others who may be feeling isolated and lost as they begin their own expedition into grief.
I have also created a website Learning 2 Live Again for those of us who are grieving and want to share our thoughts, memories, fears and tears. I hope that by sharing with one another we can lift the veil on grief.


Cancer Journey Handbook

When my husband, Butch, was diagnosed with cancer I searched high and low for a book that would help me identify what we were going through, what we were experiencing and what to expect.  I could find lots of clinical-type books that told me impersonally what to do and what not to do, but I couldn’t find anything that prepared me emotionally or helped to empower us during our journey.
Late in 2007 while talking to some ‘new’ carers, I put their minds at rest about things they were experiencing.  After two years into the journey, I could tell them that these were all normal ‘carer side effects’.  So the idea of this book was born.
Before 2006 I didn’t know anything about cancer, except that people died from it.  I have now learnt enough to know that it is not always the cancer that kills people, but the things that doctors do or say to patients that has a profound effect on whether they survive or not.
As I wrote this book I also wanted people to be aware of some of the options open to them during their cancer journey, included in a section for carers and travellers.
There is also a third section dealing with the many aspects of grief.
I believe there is a need for a book that helps you identify what you are going through, to reassure you that you are not going crazy and maybe give you a little insight and inspiration.  Hopefully this book will be that to you.

Cancer Journey Handbook

$AUD 5.00

Cancer Journey Handbook for Travellers, Carers & Friends

story of our life series

Why are we here? What are we here to learn?  In Part 1, I look at our Life Plan..
Part 2 gives insight into why we attract certain dis-ease and emotional symptoms.

Comes with bonus Release Techniques booklet.

(please remember to state what format you want it in eg. pdf, ebook, kindle, etc.)


The Story of Our Life Series

$AUD 5.00

The Story of Our Life I & II with bonus ‘Release Techniques e-book

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